Transforming The Future Of Health

Public health is a major concern for governments and citizens across the globe. We’re committed to transforming the future of health with solutions that enhance laboratory operations today and whilst enabling organizations to go beyond clinical laboratories tomorrow. Equipped with digital diagnostics and cloud-based environments across the care continuum, community, and public health, our customers benefit from our unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in environmental, water quality testing, public health, toxicology and agriculture laboratory solutions.

Leading innovation in diagnostic informatics

We provide end-to-end solutions that improve diagnostic workflows and the collection, storage, and exchange of information to accelerate knowledge and capabilities. By bringing better diagnostic information and new tools to our users, we’re making healthcare smarter. We’re helping healthcare professionals to test, diagnose, and treat millions of patients every day, and improving their patients’ quality of life.

Both inside and beyond the walls of clinical laboratories

We’re constantly innovating both inside and beyond the walls of the clinical laboratory to embrace a wave of emerging digital diagnostics capabilities to help build cloud-native laboratory information systems fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. This approach enables labs and organizations to advance operational efficiencies and improve performance across the continuum of care and community to improve public health.

Safeguarding health around the globe

As a leading diagnostics and laboratory informatics businesses, we deliver cloud-based laboratory information management systems that provide vital support to the international science community in 34 countries. With 40 years of experience, CliniSys Group offers a team of experts and technologies that play a key role in the identification and provision of healthcare solutions to millions of citizens around the world.


Laboratory Information Management and Order Communications Software bridge the technological divides across health and community care. They are essential for mainstream pathology disciplines and genomics as well as the delivery of diagnostic care.


Multi-site, multi-disciplinary support for complex anatomic, and support engagement with physicians and patients outside the hospitals point of care is crucial to making communities healthier. Our global to local approach allows cutting-edge support when it matters.

Public Health

Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning combined with rich data science help advance disease surveillance outbreak detection, improve contact tracing and reporting. We empower lab professionals with the diagnostic capabilities that improve public health worldwide with specialties in water, toxicology and agriculture.

In A Nutshell

By combining the power of CliniSys Group, Sunquest Information Systems, and HORIZON Lab Systems, we’ve created one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to diagnostic and laboratory informatics.

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