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Common Cents Systems, Inc., founded in 1994, provides technology solutions to the Clinical Laboratory marketplace. This Tennessee based corporation is a commercial software company focusing on integration to assist both laboratory and hospital customers easily process and exchange mission critical information. Our flagship product: ApolloLIMS is an enterprise solution to the challenging healthcare informatics marketplace.

Our Mission:

We make our customers successful through the use of integration and automation.


It became apparent early on that there was a growing need for automation software that could augment the current legacy technology that many clinical laboratories were utilizing. Common Cents Systems, Inc. developed both tools sets and add on products to help their customer base increase efficiency and reduce errors. These tools were centered around Instrument Automation, Quality Assurance and HL7 interfaces between various performing locations.

After several years of expressed interest from existing customers, Common Cents Systems launched their first fully functionally Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in 2001. Cirrus Laboratory System was a specimen centric LIMS focused on several specific toxicology markets (SAMHSAA, Forensic, pre-employment). By bringing together the tools already developed and in use for existing customers, Cirrus was a clear winner in making the most out of laboratory automation.

Evolving customer needs put us in contact with M/Mgmt Systems, Inc, a Sacramento, CA based LIMS software vendor to the Public Health marketplace. By comparing the common needs of the two customer bases it was clear that there was an opportunity to grow the product line if it could be expanded to include the concept of a re-occurring patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Design work was begun and in 2005. Cirrus ver 2.x was released with expanded functionality for patient management. M/Mgmt elected to offer a rebranded version of Cirrus to their customers, marketing it as M/Lab Enterprise Edition.

The rapidly expanding Pain Management Laboratory marketplace quickly adopted this latest release. The ability to not only run the lab more efficiently but to also offer advanced analytics and insight to the physician about individual patient results was a game changer to the Common Cents Systems, Inc. customer base.

The M/Mgmt Public Health client base was also quick to see the benefits of a flexible platform offered over legacy systems. The rapidly expanding Public Health Laboratory client list made the acquisition of M/Mgmt the next logical step. Late in 2006, Common Cents purchased 100% of the common stock of M/Mgmt and operated it as a wholly owned subsidiary until it was fully integrated into the Common Cents Systems, Inc. corporation at the end of 2008.

“The combined customer base offered an excellent opportunity to streamline the software products being offered. In 2009 the Cirrus and M/LAB product lines were merged into ApolloLIMS. This new enterprise based platform offered expanded functionality to both sets of customers.

Technology continued to advance and the adoption of Web Based Reporting quickly became the norm in most Clinical Laboratories. ApolloLIMS had been offering web based reporting as an optional model. As a logical expansion, Common Cents Systems, Inc. was interested in streamlining the Order Entry process by creating virtual Electronic Requisition forms that would mimic the manual paper forms being filled out in every physician office. By keeping the look and feel of the paper form - only presented on the screen - the need for training was minimal and this new offering quickly took off.

Software technology was not the only winner for improvements in IT, Common Cents Systems, Inc. saw a rapid adoption of new LC/MS/MS technology replacing older GC/MS technology. Keeping with the corporate standard for automation, ApolloLIMS offers customers full integration for results from a variety of instrument vendors. Just as LC/MS/MS technology was revolutionizing the Toxicology markets, PCR technology was having much the same affect on traditional Public Health and Microbiology laboratories. By working with the CDC and APHL, Common Cents Systems, Inc. was able to offer fully integrated Molecular testing that included automated host based QC.

Hardware performance continued to increase and acceptance of mobile computing saw a huge surge in consolidated data centers offering what was to become known as "cloud based" computing. The customer base of Common Cents Systems, Inc. was quick to see the value of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. By utilizing a cloud based instance of ApolloLIMS the start-up laboratory could benefit from the advanced software with a lower initial capitalization.

Other exciting developments appeared in genetic testing. In 2013 Common Cents Systems, Inc. assisted several of its Pain Management customers to integrate and automate the exciting field of Pharmacogenetics. ApolloLIMS continues to act at the core of the laboratory process and by utilizing Apollo eXchange ( HL7 interface engine), laboratory customers are able to send and receive genetic information from companies who specialize in Genomic Interpretations.
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2015 - Continue to gain market-share and assist customers towards success
2014 - Reorganization to create separate Development, Support and Implementation teams
2013 - Added Pharmacogenetics (PGX) testing to the expanding list of markets
2012 - Launched first SaaS (cloud based) model of ApolloLIMS
2011 - Apollo eXchange added as internal Interface Engine
2010 - Apollo Web Portal enhanced to include Remote Order Entry at the Physician Office
2009 - ApolloLIMS launched as an Enterprise LIMS
2009 - Merged Toxicology and Public Health business lines
2007 - First install outside of the US
2006 - Acquisition of M/Mgmt
2005 - Total redesign of Cirrus to add an internal EMR and become Patient centric
2004 - Partnership with M/Mgmt began
2001 - Cirrus Laboratory System released
1998 - Partnership with Intersystems began
1997 - QUAIL : Quality Assurance software launched
1996 - Various tool sets developed to assist with Laboratory Automation
1994 - Common Cents Systems, Inc. founded


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