As the flagship product from Common Cents Systems, Inc., ApolloLIMS is an enterprise software solution that meets the needs of every aspect of Laboratory Informatics. As a Commerical-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, ApolloLIMS includes every module necessary to process laboratory results standard as a Core Feature. The core architecture was designed to offer maximum automation and efficiency. Utilizing native components, ApolloLIMS offers higher levels of integration than software systems that use third party tools. By being Rules based instead of hard coded, Apollo allows you to manage your business rather than dictating how you must operate. ApolloLIMS has been adapted into numerous industries by being flexible. Customizations and Localizations are handled at the Database level allowing the core product to remain standard. The Apollo Schema has been developed around a concept known as a “versionized database”. This allows for a forensically defensible audit trail – all of the original and changed data is present at the same time.

No "one size fits all" mentality

With ApolloLIMS, there's no standard package because we know there's no "one size fits all" system for labs. Instead, we custom tailor packages to fit the needs of our clients. Once we know your needs, we'll make suggestions based on our experience with other labs. Additionally, ApolloLIMS can grow with your lab and give you the ability to add additional features in the future. ApolloLIMS offers two implementation options: stand-alone software and a cloud-based solution.

  • All ApolloLIMS instrument and automation interfaces are integrated within the application. There is no need to utilize a third-party integration tool to develop instrument interfaces.
  • ApolloLIMS has the capability to interface and automate instruments involved in clinical chemistry, hematology, gas/liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and genetic analysis without the need for third-party integration software
  • Supports data transfer via ASTM, RS232, TCP/IP or file level interfaces.

Core Components

  • Specimen Processing: Patient Registration, Data Entry, Specimen Receipt, Aliquotting, Label Printing
  • Quality Control: QCID’s, Levy Jennings, Westgard, Multi-point
  • Results Processing: Pending, Worklists, Results Entry, Verification, Review
  • Customer Service: Inquiry, AutoMessages, STAT/Call, Account Set-up, Physician Set-up
  • Management Reports: Specimen Counts, Workflow status, Account Statistics, ADHOC

Optional Products & Modules

Optional Products / Modules:

  • Apollo Specimen Storage
  • Apollo Supply Shipping
  • Apollo eXchange
  • Apollo Quality Assurance
  • Apollo Lab Automation
  • Apollo Image Library
  • Apollo Outreach Web Portal
  • Apollo Fax Reporting

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