Apollo Web Outreach

Extending the reach of the LIMS, Apollo Outreach Web Portal offers a secure and HIPAA-compliant web platform that allows for easy specimen order entry and reporting for providers.

Apollo Web Order Entry

Allowing draw sites and remote offices to enter orders and print labels and laboratory requisitions prior to sending the specimen to the lab for testing, ApolloLIMS Web Order Entry is a fully integrated component of ApolloLIMS and follows the robust audit rules that apply to the rest of the application. For convenience, the web order entry screens can be designed to mimic the current requisition forms of the laboratory.

Just as in ApolloLIMS, all required fields on a web order entry screen are validated and mandated. Rapid entry of information is accomplished through use of lookup fields and client specific defaults.

With the ability to print bar-coded specimen labels at the draw site or remote office, specimens arrive at the lab pre-labeled, ready to be received and analyzed. Bar code labels are customizable to each lab’s specification.

Once the submitting account has finished entering specimens and readying them for shipment, a batch shipment process creates a packing list for the shipping box and electronically transmits the orders to ApolloLIMS where the specimens are placed into a “waiting receipt” status. When the shipment is received at the lab, the barcode on the specimen is scanned and the specimen data is uploaded into the system.

Apollo Web Reporting

Designed to enhance a laboratory’s visibility and efficiency both internally and externally, Apollo Web Reporting allows a remote user to retrieve laboratory results at any time of the day without intervention from personnel. A remote user can search for specimen results and print the specimen.


  • A secure login interface
  • Limited access to patient records based upon configurable security settings
  • Fully audits all user actions on the web results portal with time/date stamp
  • Records user ID within the database.

In this way a fully HIPAA compliant audit trail of the specimen is maintained.

Utilizing Apollo Web Outreach allows the laboratory to extend access between clients and allows reports to be sent, received and analyzed at any time of day or night.

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