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Laboratories are complex environments with many moving pieces relating to workflow, clients, employees and instrumentation. The laboratory manager is responsible for maintaining a high level of quality and visibility across these multiple functional environments. All laboratories are required to track and report on related incidents that can include laboratory accidents, instrument malfunctions, client complaints, and corrected results.

Fully Integrated Quality Assurance Application

The Apollo QA module is a quality assurance ticket system integrated within ApolloLIMS which provides the capability to document quality incidents, assign them to a person(s) to resolve, track the incident and document a resolution. All of this is contained within a completely paperless workflow.

In addition to manually creating QA Incidents, Apollo offers the advantage of being rules-based. The laboratory Quality Assurance Manager is able to define rules to automatically monitor various quality measures, then route specimens and incidents accordingly. These rules can be specific to submitting accounts, specific tests or specific result values. The QA system can be defined to prevent certain actions until the associated incident is fully resolved and documented.

Quality Assurance 

By utilizing the Apollo QA module, the Lab Quality Assurance Manager can focus on compliance and proficiency with the knowledge that their lab is running according to the local Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

  • Fully Integrated Quality Assurance Application
  • Paperless workflow
  • Auto-notifications
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Rules Based

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