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Modern labs operate in a very competitive industry where speed and accuracy are both vital to every operation. To increase efficiency, improve throughput and reduce errors, a robust automation system is critical. ApolloLIMS addresses these needs by a variety of software tools in the Apollo Lab Automation suite of products.

Instrument interfacing

Instrument integration is important to a modern laboratory in that it allows a high degree of accuracy and efficiency in transferring instrument results to a laboratory information system.

ApolloLIMS provides ample flexibility and a number of options when it comes to developing interfaces with laboratory equipment.

  • All ApolloLIMS instrument and automation interfaces are integrated within the application. There is no need to utilize a third-party integration tool to develop instrument interfaces.
  • ApolloLIMS has the capability to interface and automate instruments involved in clinical chemistry, hematology, gas/liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and genetic analysis without the need for third-party integration software
  • Supports data transfer via ASTM, RS232, TCP/IP or file level interfaces.


Lab Robotic Interfaces:

Robotic liquid handlers are now commonly used in laboratory workflows during accessioning, sample preparation and plating, among many others. Integrating lab robotics with ApolloLIMS can help to reduce processing errors and increase capacity.

  • Allows for the integration of robotic equipment like sorters, aliquoters and liquid handling systems with ApolloLIMS for improved sample and batch tracking.
  • Integration can provide functionality for bidirectional communication with laboratory robotics to aid in plating and sample preparation.


The ApolloLIMS Autoverification Service provides the capability of automatically verifying specimen results based upon preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical information.

Based on these pre- and post-analytical checks, Autoverification can either approve and send the data along for reporting, or perform repeat or reflex tests. Autoverification is fully compliant with CLSI Auto10-A standards, but allows rules and results benchmarks to be locally defined.

Apollo Connect

Connect nontraditional instrumentation or equipment to laboratory network and ApolloLIMS with Apollo Connect. With its ability to use most standard file formats and transfer protocols, Apollo Connect allows a laboratory to develop interfaces with instruments that have no network access.

  • Text, binary data and image files from an instrument can be sent to the system and processed according to defined rules.
  • Microsoft Excel files from an instrument may be transferred and converted to ASTM format and vice-versa, allowing for a bi-directional interface between the system and equipment.
  • Every instance of communication between equipment is automatically logged to make reporting and management easier.

With its ability to use most standard file formats and transfer protocols, Apollo Connect integrates with almost any instrument for automation.

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