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Laboratories are increasingly striving to go digital and become less reliant on paper. But going paperless can be a daunting task because paper documents like requisitions, reports and workflow charts are still widely used. Apollo Imaging makes it easy to quickly import documents and store or send them wherever they are needed.

Document Capture

Patient records, reports and other forms pile up quickly in any lab. Apollo Imaging provides the ability to capture and upload these documents into a central database. Apollo Imaging allows laboratory personnel to associate a document with a patient specimen, client account or instrument batch.

Apollo Imaging maximizes efficiency when it comes to paper-document processing, allowing for other options to streamline the process including:

  • Integration with high-volume scanning equipment for batch processing
  • Intelligent recognition of machine-printed text or barcodes

Image Capture

Apollo Imaging also provides the ability to capture and associate images with specimens. Image types such as JPG, PNG and TIF can then be incorporated for use within the application, on specimen reports or the Apollo Web Portal

Image Automation Server

The Image Automation Server provides the ability to automatically capture printed output straight to the ApolloLIMS database. Working in conjunction with an Image Workflow Processor, the Apollo Imaging Automation Server allows the creation of image workflows that can extract results along with keywords for easy search indexing.

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